Disadvantages of Wind Power technology For Homeowners

wind power

In Parts One and Two of The Disadvantages of Wind Power technology for Homeowners, we looked at site considerations, costs, How to Design Wind Turbines technology and What Are Advantages and resistance to this idea. In this article we will study the biggest disadvantages of wind power technology or any renewable energy source. But we will also study very simple and necessary solutions. There are big problems with wind power technology, as well as with solar power, biofuels, hydroelectric power, or any other “renewable” energy source. In fact, with the exception of nuclear power, all alternatives to oil face the same problem: more potential energy is store in oil than can be extracted from any other source. There is a reason why our civilization has developed so rapidly in the past 110 years or so. This is because of the role of oil. Even if compare to its closest cousin, coal, oil burns hotter, so it requires fewer resources to do more.

wind power

wind power

Modern Person Living in the West has a Gasoline Engine Wind Power Technology :

 It is estimated that a modern person living in the West has a gasoline engine and oil-derived electricity, which is equivalent to 500 workers working for him or her. We have become accustomed to this abundance. And waste it in incredible ways just because of a large number of early oil discoveries. Remember those pictures of oil refineries with huge flames from their chimneys? In other words, natural gas burns because it interferes with the extraction process and is potentially dangerous. Yes, the same natural gas can keep your home warm in winter, and the cost is high. Until recently it was consider a waste. So when it comes to homeowners, the downside to wind power technology is likely to be that it can’t replace the old method. In fact, for society as a whole. Renewable energy will not fill the void left by the eventual depletion of oil.

Solutions is of Course wind power Technology:

But don’t despair, there are two good solutions to make the problem irrelevant. One of the solutions is of course wind power technology. Innovation will enhance existing technology. And we will have many new designs and ideas that have not yet been seen to save us. Green wind power technology is now a big business. And the government has finally begun to invest a lot of money in this area. But the bigger solution is simpler: protection. This is correct and uses less energy. Remember the example I gave about natural gas? Hundreds of tools, techniques, methods and policies have been developed under the mindset of unlimited energy. Now that we have seen the forefront of the end of oil, we must rethink many of the things we do.

Wind power and Solar Solutions Technology:

It won’t be painless, but it doesn’t have to kill us either. All we have to do is do our best to reduce waste in our own families and our lives. We must also discard the old ways, embrace innovation. And pressure our politicians to adopt meaningful policies in the new world. Many homeowners are solving problems themselves and creating their own wind power technology and solar solutions technology. Although these small turbines technology can bring very little energy to the home. They have the added benefit of allowing homeowners to better understand how much electricity is being use. So that they can save electricity more seriously.


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