Gas Turbines Increasing Popularity

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Gas Turbines Increasing Popularity: A gas turbine is a type of internal combustion engine with a compressor that rotates on the upstream side and connects to the turbine at the bottom. In between, the fuel in the combustion chamber mixes with the air, ignites, heats and expands with additional energy. In a high-pressure c ombustion […]

An Introduction of Gas Turbine


Introduction of Gas Turbine: A turbine could be a style of the burning engine that features a rotating mechanical device in its upstream aspect, couple to a rotary engine in its downstream aspect. In between, within the combustion chamber, fuel is mixed with air, ignited, heats, and expands with more energy. Within the air mass […]

Gas Turbines Technology Brief History

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Gas turbines technology established from 2 fields of technology: the turbine, and the internal combustion engine. But work on each of those fields helped cause the “Modern Gas Turbines technology” of the post Forties amount.1500 – 1870s: old master old master, Gionvanni Branca, John Barber, et al mention or style devices that use hot gas […]