Gas Turbine Engine Technology Bearings and Seals

Technology bearings

The main technology bearings have the critical function of supporting the main motor rotor. The number of bearings required for proper motor support is primarily determine by the length and weight of the motor rotor. Length and weight are directly affect by the type of compressor use in the engine. Of course, a compressor with […]

Development of modern gas turbine engine technology

turbine engine technology

Development of Gas Turbine engine technology: The earliest device for extracting rotating mechanical energy from a liquefied gas stream was the wind turbine engine technology (see horno para). It was follow by smokejack, first outline by Leonardo da Vinci and subsequently describe in detail by John Wilkins, an English priest, in 1648. This unit otorg√≥ […]

Gas-turbine engine

gas turbine engine

Gas-Turbine Engine: Gas turbine engine, any internal combustion engine that uses a gas as working fluid used to turn a turbine. The term is also traditionally use to describe a complete internal-combustion engine consisting of at least one compressor. A the combustion chamber and a turbine. General properties Because useful work or propulsion can be […]